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extra characters +50% of original price per character
detailed backgrounds +$5-$15 depending on complexity/type of commission

Simple chibis

Shaded - $10

Half body
Shaded - $15

Full body
Shaded - $20

Reference sheet
Starts at - $20

comes with a fullbody, bust/back view, and info
extra fullbody +$10
outfits +$3 per outfit
extra bust +$5
extra items +$5-$10 (depending on how many)
you can also commission me through Ko-fi!

Terms Of ServicePlease read all terms before commissioning me! Thank you!Things I will draw: all genders, humans, anthro, feral, slight gore, ship art (includes oc x cannon)Things I will NOT draw: anything homophobic, racist symbols/hate speech, NSFW, mecha/detailed machines, OC’s that do not belong to you (unless given permission), Jojo characters, vent artBreaking any rules can/will result in a blacklist - this is private and will only be seen by me.RULES1) Please don’t rush me. I will send updates if you ask.
2) You have to credit me for making the art.
3) I will not copy anyone’s art style.
4) Pay after the sketch is sent and any requested changes are made. (I should not have to ask you more than 6 times to pay.)
5) All prices can and will change depending on: character complexity, background complexity, etc.
6) I am allowed to not accept your commission for whatever reason I want
7) Don’t be rude/mean to me, or I will cancel your commission
8) You must provide a clear non-shaded reference or fullbody.
What I accept for paymentPayPal - USD, Robux, Amino coins
Please use a currency converter if you use a different type of currency!
Currency I do NOT takeArt (unless I specifically want to do an art trade with you), Gift Cards, In game items, Characters (I might I’m just very picky), Deviant art pointsHow payment worksPlease pay in full after I show the sketch and any requested changes are made.I will update when 1. sketch is finished 2. linart is finished. You can ask for more updates throughout the processIf you ask me for minor changes after the commission is fully done, I will do them with no additional change. However there is going to be fees for major change. - Unless its just a mistake on my end such as wrong colors, or markings.Please note!! I will not start anything else after the sketch until I receive payment!!Refunds1) I do not allow any refunds after I’ve finished the line art.
2) If you need to cancel after the line art stage or later, you will not receive a refund. (Unless its an emergency, I will understand.)
3) If you need to cancel after I’ve finished the sketch and/or starting on the line art you will receive 50% of what you’ve paid.
4) If I need to cancel you’ll be able to get back a 75%-100% refund depending on how far done I am with the commission.
Copyright / useageI, as the artist, hold all the rights to the artwork. Therefor I can use the artwork to:
- Promote myself.
- Publish in literature.
- Display were I want.
- Post it whenever I want.
As the commissioner you are allowed to:
- Use the work for personal use, unless agreed otherwise.
- Print out the art for personal use.
- Claim the character(s) are yours, but not the drawing itself.
- Promote yourself WITH proper credit to me.
As the commissioner you are NOT allowed to:
- Use the artwork for commercial use (meaning profiting off the drawing).
- Take credit for artwork.
- Remove any watermark or signatures.
- Alter the artwork without my consent.
Thank you for reading this! <3